Soya TVP Granules

Soya Textured vegetable protein (TVP) natural

Textured vegetable or textured soy protein (TVP or TSP) is a defatted soy flour product, a byproduct of extracting soybean oil. Most commonly found as an ingredient in meat analogues, TVP is also sold as a dry crumble that is easily re-hydrated. Because of its low cost/high nutrition, TVP is a favorite of food service, retail and institutional. It is lightweight and has a long shelf life, makes it perfect .it has tremendous versatility and can be flavored in limitless ways. TVP is considered a high-protein food.TVP is made from soy flour or concentrate, containing minimum of 50% and 70% soy protein, respectively; they have a mild beany flavor.

Non GMO Soya tvp granules/ soya mince

TEXPRO  soya TEXTURED VEGETABLE PROTEIN (SOYA TVP) is made from clean, sound, healthy Soya beansby a process of dehulling and deoiling, followed by extrusion cooking and granulation. TEXPRO SOYA TVP is a High Protein and High Fibre product and used as meat / beef / chicken substitute. It is made from Defatted Soya Flour (min 54% Protein). TEXPROSOYA TVP is available in variety of sizes, shapes and colours to suit all customer applications and satisfy the needs of all food processors.