About Us

JMBH GLOBAL FOODS is a company recognized as one of the foremost Soya tvp (textured vegetable protein) exporter in the world with exports to more than 25 countries. JMBH GLOBAL FOODS has a strong R&D base to become the supplier of largest range of Soya ingredients in world. The company that makes every effort to deliver better products to add more life.

The objective of JMBH Global foods is to provide cost effective material in the competitive market, which adhere to strict quality standard with time delivery. Moreover we are also raising our efforts to gain total costumers satisfaction.

We partner with farmers to grow the right crop; work with the industry to find the right solution; listen to the consumer to serve the right nutrition options. We excel at B2B relationships and have been offering tailor made solutions to our customers for decades. Our deep understanding and reach into the farmer community translates into a portfolio of quality products made available at competitive prices. We believe in constant innovation. Innovation that brings down costs compresses delivery time and improves quality.

Our world class NON GMO SOYA ingredients

Non gmo soya tvp

Non gmo textured soya flour

Non gmo soya grits

Unknown facts:

Soyabeans have grown in familiarity with the rise of edamame and vegetarian-friendly soy products, but here are a few interesting facts about soyabeans you might not know:

  • One acre of soyabeans can produce 82,368 crayons.
  • Soyabean oil provides an environmentally friendly fuel for diesel engines.
  • During the Civil War, soyabeans were used in place of coffee because real coffee was scarce.
  • 98 percent of the soyabean and livestock farms in the country are still family farms.
  • U.S. farmers first grew soyabeans as cattle feed.
  • 45 percent of the world’s soyabean acreage and 55 percent of production is in the United States.
  • Soya Link is used to print newspapers and textbooks.
  • Soyabean is used in plastics, wood adhesives and textiles.
  • Soyabeans also find their way into candles, cleaning products and hair-care products.
  • The soyabean is the highest natural source of dietary fiber.
  • Farmers across the U.S. grow soybeans that have been harvested into yields of about 2 billion bushels a year.
  • About half of U.S. soyabeans are exported to major markets including Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and South Korea.
  • More soyabeans are grown in the United States than anywhere else in the world.